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The Quality Matters program is a great rubric for the DESIGN of online courses, but I would hesitate to call it a “global standard for ensuring online course quality.” It does not look at delivery, student retention, or achievement of learning outcomes…just design. There is more to teaching online than just course design – though a good design helps. I also find that the Univ of California Chico State rubric is excellent –
I do suggest that you are clear on the expectations that the school has for you and the time that you have to commit. Many people think that online classes are easier to teach than on ground. I have found that there is often more preparation time for an online class. It is vital that you are able to be efficient and effective with your time.

Another company that is using social media as a platform for student engagement is the New York-based Red Rover. Unlike Inigral which focuses primarily on Facebook, Red Rover taps into several social media channels with its proprietary platform. A prevalent theme for 2011 is how higher education can capitalize on social media as a way to create relationships that enhance student retention and engagement.
Dropbox – when a colleague demoed Dropbox at a faculty brown bag lunch, I though “huh, that might be useful.” Useful?!? Now I have to stop myself from dropping to my knees and kissing the feet of the colleague who introduced me to it. Remembering where I stored that last version of a document (on my computer at work? On my laptop at home?) was always a pain, and remembering to save files on a flash drive or e-mail them to myself didn’t always work when I was downing my last cup of morning coffee while hunting for my shoes or realizing at home that I had to finish preparing a handout for an 8 am class. Now my current files live on both my home and work computers, synced automatically and accessible from any computer with an Internet connection. Life is so much simpler now.
Diigo – I recently signed up for this social bookmarking platform that also lets you highlight and take notes on Webpages. I was a Delicious user, until theGreat Delicious Scare of 2010. I have to admit, I’m fairly anti-social with my bookmarks. I don’t hunt down other people’s saved links. No, I like this tool because I can instantly stash away a link for later, tag it, annotate it, and find it again. As Facebook friends know (probably all too well)