PHYS160 -Fall 2012- Jason Kinser

4 Overview

This semester the course will be dealing with topics such as mechanics,

thermodynamics, simple harmonic motion, resonance, waves. We will use

chapters 1-14 of the book as our starting point for these explorations. The

class will focus on concepts, and the expression of these concepts in col-

loquial, mathematical, graphical, and schematic descriptions. You will be

asked to show your understanding in all these ways on the exams. By the

end of this term, you should have a strong conceptual understanding of

the various primary topics, and be able to interpret data to support that


As the instructor in this course, I am your guide through the territory

of physics. I will not be pouring facts into your head. You must do the

learning: I can only assist and provide guidance and clarity. You need

to read the designated sections of the textbook before coming

to class. In class I will not be talking about everything discussed in these

sections of the textbook, only about things I consider particularly important

or confusing. On the other hand, I will discuss in class a lot of material not

covered by the book. Part of your task as a participant in this course is

to help me identify the most di_cult material, and to help interpret that

material for your classmates