Excel Guide #5: Creating Axis Labels

Creating axis labels will allow you to properly label your graphs.

1. To add labels on the graphs, click on the graph then on the “Design” tab, under “Chart Tools”. In the “Chart Layouts” box click on the first option, which will cause the title and x and y axis labels to be on the graph. Also under the “Design” tab, there are other options for changing the colors of the markers on the graph.
6 photo 9_zpsd9bb24be.jpg
2. The title and x and y axis can be changed by double clicking on each of the boxes and writing the titles for each part of the graph.
7 photo 10_zpsc8c58748.jpg
3. Another way to add labels to the graph is by clicking on the graph and under the “Chart Tools” banner there is a tab that says “Layout”. After clicking on the layout tab, to add labels for the axis click on “Axis Titles” and for the title click on “Chart Title”.
4. The horizontal axis can is inserted to the graph by clicking on “Axis Titles” and then on the “Primary Horizontal Axis Title” tab. The horizontal axis can be added after clicking on “Title Below Axis” option, which will put the title for the horizontal axis under the graph.
9 photo 11_zps21ad2809.jpg
5. The vertical axis can is inserted to the graph by following the previous step (step 9). Instead of clicking on “Primary Horizontal Axis Title” option, click on “Primary Vertical Axis Title” option. There are different options for the vertical axis to be added on the graph, but I prefer having the vertical axis label be inserted vertically rather than horizontally. The y axis label can be inserted sideways by clicking on “Rotated Title” option.
10 photo 12_zps06b335c6.jpg
6. Inserting the Title can be done by clicking on the “Chart Title” option under “Chart Tools” and the “Layout Tab”. Clicking on the “Above Chart” option will put the title on the top of the graph.
11 photo 13_zps6c08e194.jpg