Excel Guide #3: Printing

There are different methods for printing in Excel. Printing in Excel can be done by clicking on the print button but there can be times when everything is unable to fit onto one sheet of paper during lab class or while writing the lab report.

Why is this important?
Knowing different methods of printing is important because this allows you to be able to use different methods to point your spreadsheet during lab class. These methods are useful for times when you will be printing specific parts of your data or tables or to see whether or not you can print your work on a single piece of paper.

Printing Method #1:
Printing Method #2:
Printing Method #3:

Printing Method #1

Method 1: Using Print Preview and the Home Icon
One way to print in Excel is to use the “Print” and then the “Print Preview” options. This method is similar to printing regularly in Microsoft Word.
1. This can be done by first pressing on the “Office” icon on the top of the page. photo closeuphomeicon_zpsb36733e6.jpg
This button can be found above the menu bar.
 photo homeicon_zpsc3fcbff2.jpg
2. After clicking on the “Office” icon, click on the “Print” option then on the “Print Preview” in order to preview how the data sheet will be printed out.
 photo printmenu_zps77c8f601.jpg
3. Oftentimes, the original page orientation setting on Excel is set to portrait. Having the setting on “Portrait” setting can sometimes cause part of the data collected during the experiment to be cut off.
 photo printpreview_before_zps27969172.jpg
4. In order to make sure all of the data collected onto a single sheet of paper, it is better to put the page orientation settings to “Landscape”.
 photo printpreview_after_zps1656a779.jpg

Printing Method #2:

Method 2: Using Print Area
Another method to print is to select a certain area to be used for printing. This help save paper when printing different parts of the lab, such as only the graphs, data collected, or to make sure all of the data or graphs created during lab need to be printed on a single sheet of paper. Also, this will help when trying to print a certain number of columns in the spreadsheet.
1. In order to set a specific area for printing, first highlight the area that needs to be printed on the excel spreadsheet. Afterwards, click on the “Page Layout” tab and on “Print Area” in order to create the printing area.
 photo printarea_zpsf813a028.jpg
2. This will allow you to be able to set a specific area in the spreadsheet to be used for printing. The selected area will be shown on the “Print Preview” option.
 photo 7d72ab42-99d9-4ad7-aad8-37c78c39dbb9_zpsda51beea.jpg

Printing Method #3:

Method 3: Page Scaling
Another way to print in Excel is to scale the worksheet for printing, either shrinking or enlarging the size of the spreadsheet in order to fit into the pages you want to print.
1. Under the “Page Layout” tab click on the button found on the bottom right corner of the “Page Setup” button. This will open a dialogue box which will allow you to be able to change the orientation, scaling, and margins of the sheet.
 photo 1_zps6154506a.png
2. When the dialogue box opens, under the “Scaling” option, click on “Adjust to” and enter the percentage of the normal size that you want to change. Entering a percentage larger than 100% will cause the worksheet to become larger while entering a percentage smaller than 100% will reduce the worksheet to fit into the pages.
 photo 3_zpse098e966.png
Note: The above step (#2) can also be done by adjusting the percentage in the “Scale to Fit” option next to “Page Setup”.
 photo 4_zps88dc9d2d.png