Capacitor Images

All rights reserved to UK.

All rights reserved to UK.

This image shows how capacitors can be shown in series and in parallel, and how they can be combined to make calculations easier. Click the picture for more helpful info!

Capacitor Simulations

Click here for a simulation about capacitors in parallel, in series and with dielectrics.

Click here for a simulation about capacitors charging and discharging in circuits.

Click here for a simulation about building circuits.


Capacitance Videos

Follow the link for a video from Khan Academy explaining capacitance.

Capacitance Lectures

Watch this MIT lecture by Walter Lewin to better understand capacitance.

Electric Potential Simulations

Follow this link for downloadable Electric Potential simulations of two point charges and an infinitely long charge.

Click here for an applet to help you learn about electric potential.

Electric Potential Videos

Follow this link for Part 1 and Part 2 videos from Khan Academy about electric potential.

Electric Potential Lectures

Click here for a lecture from MIT Prof. Walter Lewin about electric potential and equipotential surfaces.

Electric Field Simulations

Click for a simulation depicting electric fields. Drag the charges onto the blank space, and check the box “Show E-field.”

Click here for a simulation showing the effects of the electric fields when adding multiple charges.

Click here for a simulations showing what happens when more than one charge is present. Be sure to use the drop down menus to change the setup.

Electric Field Videos

Click for a video from Khan Academy describing electric fields.

Electric Field Lectures

Check out this MIT lecture by Walter Lewin describing electric fields, field lines, and dipoles.